Chakra Announcements

Buddhi Yoga Society Co-operative

by Kishor Stein

Posted January 17, 2005

Dear Prabhus,

All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

As some of you know, the Buddhi Yoga Society Cooperative is a nonsectarian Cooperative aimed at offering Retirement Plans, Health Care, and Hospice Facilities to the Vaishnava nations, indiscriminately. We launched our global awareness campaign and drive for Coop members on August 31, 2004 and have since signed up approximately 40 members including 8 in our board of directors. Our membership is FREE. These first wave of members are those who have joined only to render personal service to all individuals in the vaishnava nations by contributing 3 hours of their valuable time each week to help us run the Coop. We are growing at rate of 7-10 members per month. We are projecting that with newly introduced Coop incentives and discounts we may have a few hundred members by end of 2005 or middle of 2006, possible many more.

Additionally, due to the non-sectarian nature of the BYS Coop, and the urgency of our devotee care services (or lack thereof) we expect to have a constant flow of traffic through our web site on an ongoing basis.

Here is where you come in. Our web site will be offering FREE advertising space, logo links and banner links for participating vendors who will be able to give our members (Only, not general visitors) wholesale discounts on a drop shipping basis. So you will get the advertising space plus a link on our website, plus mention and logo on our collateral print materials and newsletters, plus your own page on our web site detailing three products you carry that set you apart from the rest, plus a link on our reciprocal links page which will boost your search Engine Placement with the top global search engines… but, you will only have to give discounts to those members of our Co-op who buy online through our member ID database (So that there is no confusion). The Buddhi Yoga Society Co-operative organization does NOT profit at all from your sales. This is a member service only.

We plan to approach a number of vendors including Indian goods, travel, Ayurveda, homeopathy, vitamins, publishers, clothiers, etc. Additionally, we plan to give those participating Vendor Members exclusivity in our advertising venue against their competitors, so long as they remain our Vendor Members in good standing. This is a first come first grab basis opportunity!

Plus, in addition to free advertising and links, you or your organization will become a member eligible to participate in the other discounts and services that the BYS Cooperative will offer.

Plus, you will be rendering personal service to the Vaishnava nations by facilitating this Buddhi Yoga Society Co-operative in its efforts to provide health care, retirement, and hospice services. Remember, your discounts will be contributions to the health and welfare of devotees.

The terms we will be asking of our Vendor Members, such as yourselves, in the form of exclusive discounts to our Co-op members will be as follows:

This no doubt will bring our Coop members back to you for repeat sales again and again, while encouraging others to join the Buddhi Yoga Society Cooperative and also make your discounts their first choice.

Please call me or write to me if you are interested, and remember that due to the nature of the Coop this offer remains on a first come first serve basis. So if your competitor joins first we will have to honor them first with an exclusive vendor membership in your category. This is an incentive for your organization to corner a segment of the market.*

* Some overlap of products may occur between participating Vendor Members; therefore certain products may be discouraged based on our discretion within reason of fairness.

Begging to always remain your servant,

Kishor Stein
The Buddhi Yoga Society
3765 Watseka Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90034
310-836-5759 Phone/FAX