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What's Inside The Jan/Feb 2004 Issue of Back To Godhead Magazine

by Nagaraja das

Posted January 15, 2004

The year 2004 marks the sixtieth anniversary of Back to Godhead. When His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada launched the magazine in India, it was his first major effort toward fulfilling the mission he had received from his guru: to spread the teachings of Lord Krishna to the English-speaking world. Working alone, Prabhupada could publish only intermittently in India, but after 1966, the magazine came out regularly, thanks to the help of his disciples.

The pages of Back to Godhead have naturally reflected the growth of the Hare Krishna movement over the last thirty-eight years. The cover story for this issue, for example, wouldn't have been possible thirty years ago. Back then, most of Prabhupada's disciples were unmarried, and they themselves were traveling across America-even to other parts of the world-to spread Krishna consciousness. Now, it's their children (or grandchildren) who are doing so.

And thirty years ago, who would have guessed that today possibly the most successful presentation of Krishna consciousness to others would be taking place in Poland? (See "Post-Woodstock Bliss.") Still, while some things have changed, the essentials never change, as Prabhupada reminds us in "The Real Thing Is Bhakti."

Hare Krishna!
Nagaraja Dasa, Editor

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