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Temporary Mvt Apartment Rental Needed

by Yadu

Posted January 14, 2006

The apartment that was expected to become available on January 1 for the Temporary Vrndavan Hospice has gone up for sale and is no longer available for rental. We wish to implore anyone who has an empty flat, that they please consider renting their apartment to the Hospice mission.

We have a caretaker and nurse's assistance on her way from Spain who will look after and manage the facility. We are in the process of purchasing a hospital bed for the next patient in transition. We have medical supplies in an MVT storage, which will need to be moved to a secure location as soon as possible. We are willing to pay your MVT room rates in the event that you come to Vrndavan while we are renting your flat. My intuition tells me that there is an urgency coming through in the near future. Please; if you or someone you know has an empty flat at the MVT, please contact us for temporary leasing. Our only alternative may be to look outside the MVT with little security or comfort for the next patient and hospice team.

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