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Give peace Another Chance

by Aprakrta das

Posted January 14, 2004

John Lennon's popular song has so impregnated our collective subconscious that we instantly recognise the first few notes of "Give Peace A Chance". Recently, here at our Rue Duluth centre in Montreal, devotees all sang the famous peace anthem during the viewing of 'Krishna Experience', Philippe Auliac's excellent documentary. Here is an excerpt from the lyrics:

We live in turbulent times in which peace has become a much needed commodity. Wishing to perpetuate John's good will of peace to the world, we are introducing this new T-Shirt bearing the message: "Give Peace Another Chance". While reminiscent of the late Beatles appeal to peaceful resolutions, it also hints at 'another' dimension and meaning to the word 'Peace'. Krishna devotees firmly believe that only through the chant of the Maha-Mantra Hare Krishna, the ultimate song for liberation, can we achieve true peace for the world and its inhabitants.

This T-shirt is a collaborative project between Phillippe Auliac, Ishavatara, Alberto and your humble servant. There are in total only 100 T-shirts available of this unique collector's item. We are making it available to you now for a minimum donation of US $15.00 (including Shipping and Handling anywhere in the world). All proceeds from your generous donations will assist our preaching activities in Quebec, Canada. Since there are only 100 shirts available, we strongly encourage everyone to promptly order now. You can expect to receive delivery within 7 to 10 days from the time of order.

The "GIVE PEACE ANOTHER CHANCE" T-Shirt comes white and with short sleeves. The size is Large and Unisex in order to accommodate all builds and is certainly guaranteed to make a strong 'hip' transcendental statement for universal "True Peace". Wearing this shirt you will help introduce 'another' era of Peace and make this one transcendental and everlasting. Chanting Hare Krishna you will certainly become happy and Peace will of course be a natural extension of it.

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