Chakra Announcements

Devotee Home Available to Share

by Balabhadra das (Boise, Idaho)

Posted January 8, 2009

My wife and I are looking for devotees who are looking for a living situation to accommodate their own needs and interests. With our daughter having grown up and moved on with her life, we now have a lot of room for a devotee who is open to sharing our home as a roommate/family member. We have a nice 3 bedroom home with over 1400 sq. ft. living space, for which we are paying a mortgage. We have a large back yard that my wife cultivates every year with flowers, fruits and vegetables; and we are a 5-minute drive from the Boise, Idaho temple. We have an altar with Gaura Nitai, Radha Krishna and Nrshinghadeva Deities, and offer two arotiks daily. We maintain our sadhana of 16 rounds, follow the 4 regulative principles and are committed to Srila Prabhupada.

Because we are both certified aromatherapists and hospice care providers, we would welcome any devotee individual or couple that has need of such care. Alternatively, we can gladly accept a single parent who is looking for a comfortable living arrangement and looking to work and make a livelihood; a child is more than welcome in our home. A married couple is also welcomed, if they can accept living with a second couple. Your rent will be very modest and reasonable, so that you can live comfortably. What we are looking for is to share our home with any devotee who is looking for a living situation that he or she can feel comfortable and peaceful in, even if only for a short while.

We are also open to the idea of moving into any devotee home or community situation where our sort of health care services would be needed and welcomed. We prefer the Northwestern U.S., preferably an attractive rural or semi-rural setting, if we are to move away. We want to live where there is a community of devotees who congregate periodically for association and observance of Vaishnava holidays. So, if there is someone who is looking for an arrangement to meet their needs, or if there is an individual devotee, or a devotee couple, or even a devotee community who would welcome our health care services, also looking for devotee association, and willing to assist us in making whatever transitions would be necessary to relocate, we would be very happy in hearing from you. Any and all ideas are welcome.

You can send your reply to or, or call us at (208) 571-1700 or (208) 608-9028. We look forward to your response, and we wish you well in your devotional service. We can send photos of our home if you wish, but for the moment I would like to see what sort of response will come before I take that extra step. Hare Krishna.