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Jalebi Music Fans... You Did It!

by JALEBI Music

Posted January 6, 2007

I am writing this on 31 December 2006 at 11:46 pm and not only is our JALEBI Music song "Radha Govinda Kirtan" still number one but we now hold SEVEN of the EIGHT positions on the World Beat chart at the BETA Records web site! What a glorious way to start the New Year!

Check out the fantastic results for yourself by clicking here BETA Records World Chart!!!

(Please scroll down to the bottom of the BETA Record webpage to see the World chart...and our victory!)

At the beginning of this transcendental adventure we never imagined such an overwhelming success of our songs....of JALEBI Music! The Internet has taken our songs to more than 85 countries around the world in less than 3 months!!! Without the Internet and all of your support we could never have been this successful in such a short amount of time.

Of far we earned more fame and glory than laxsmi (money)...... (smile)......but we are confident that with time those of you who appreciate our music will also feel a spontaneous desire to help us economically so that we can maintain our official website and be in the position to produce another JALEBI CD! Of course Sri Krsna is ultimately the Supreme Controller and our gratitude for what we have already received from our fans and supporters can never be expressed enough!

During the three months that our music has been on the Internet our desire to try and serve Sri Krsna ..... and all those who find pleasure in listening to our music........ has been encouraged beyond our wildest dreams by the incredible global support and approval that we have been receiving! Our songs are still holding the top positions on the BETA Records World Chart please continue to vote at! Who knows how long we can maintain our top positions?! Only Sri Krsna knows!

However, we are aware that with this support and approval we also have a great responsibility to continue to create Sri Krsna / God conscious music that transmits positive and transcendental vibrations around the world and with your continued interest and support we will be able to fulfill our desire and reach our transcendental goals!

Thank you all for making our service such a glorious success! Remember...... thanks to all of you........ Sri Sri Radha Govinda are still Number One and therefore......still....King and Queen at BETA Records on the World Chart! Sri Sri Radha Govinda Ki Jaya!

Hare Krsna!
-MiraBai Devi Dasi (Shirley Marie Bradby)
-Ramananda Roy Das
-Yasodanandana Das