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Kurma has new way to help cooks

submitted by Mandala Publishing

Posted January 3, 2004

"Vegi Cards Recipes from Around the World" -- Drawn from a series of popular cookbooks down under, Australia-based Kurma das presents practical versions of the world's greatest vegetarian cuisine in 52 durable large-format full-colour recipe cards. Step-by-step instructions and brilliant photographs help you be all you can be in the kitchen. These sumptuous French, Latin American, Caribbean, Italian and Indian dishes will impress even the most discriminating palates. The cards are produced in a 5" X 7" format (12.5cm X 18cm). Cards may be ordered from Mandala Publishing or elsewhere at $19.95 US per deck. ISBN 1-886069-96-4. Please visit Mandala Publishing at to see a complete catalogue of books, calendars and other items available.