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Moving Sale

by Danistha devi dasi

Posted January 1, 2009

The following list of Prabhupada books in original format and content are for sale:

1. Old soft Prabhupada complete "red" gitas with sanskrit 1972-75 $30./ea. ($3.00 each USA shipping)

2. hard bound original sanskrit Prabhupada gitas 1970's $60./ea. ($3.00 shipping)

3. Krsna Books = good condition large hard back (silver dust covers) original volumes in 2 parts $25./ea. or set of two vlumes for $40. ($4.00 per book shipping USA only)

4. Teaching of Lord Chaitanya, Teachings of Queen Kunti, Teachings of Kapila, Science of Self Realization, 1970's all hard back with dust covers $10./ea. (shipping $2.00)

5. soft back 'mini' black original gitas no changes full sanskrit and content @ $5.00 each ($2.00 shipping) 8 for $35.00 ($2.00 each shipping)

6. Prabhupada Letter Books very rare only 500 sets in print! No more allowed to be printed. printed in Mexico by BBT Archives in 1980's. hard bound very beautiful in 5 volumes. There are thousands of letters from Prabhupada to his disciples in these volumes uncensored - no sound bites -$500.00 for the set firm (shipping $25.00)

7.VIDEO TAPES...Prabhupada memory videos on vhs tapes $5./ea. 40 tapes in the set for $200. (plus shipping of $40.00)

8. VIDEO TAPES...BBT archival Prabhupada lectures, interviews, walks etc. on video tapes 20 tapes in the set @ $5./ea. (set for $100. plus $20.00 shipping)

9. new original Prabhupada gitas in full with sanskrit and plates like the old Prabhupada gitas of the 1970' but new printing...only $5./ea. ($3./ea. shipping) (or buy 20 books for $90. plus $3./ea. book shipping charges)

for inquiries:

or just send USA postal money order or bank money order/cashier's check with return address phone # and order enclosed to:

Deborah Yarber
Route 1 Box 267A
Stonefort, Illinois 62987

Please allow two weeks for delivery.