New Krishna Art Book in the Works!
by Satyaraja Dasa
Posted January 1, 2003

Many of you have by now seen my book, "The Hidden Glory of India." The BBT, who published that book, now wants me to do a follow-up book: "The Visual Glory of India: Krishna Art Through the Ages." This book, as the title suggests, will focus on visual images of Krishna and His Incarnations -- any Vaishnava depictions (painting, sculpture, etc.) from any period in India history. It will also include a section on ISKCON art, with special attention to the new, growing generation of artists, such as those coming out of Russia.

I am calling out for help! A book like this cannot be done by one person: If you are an artist, or if you know of someone who does Krishna conscious art, please give them the following address, telling them to send slides or good quality prints for possible inclusion in this book. A letter should accompany the art giving me permission to use their material. This same letter should include any and all details about the art as well (artist's full name, medium, technique, etc.). Hoping you can help, send all materials to FOLK Books, 30 Village Gate Way, Nyack, NY 10960.