Tamal Krishna's Veggie Garden
by Nandini devi dasi
Posted February 8, 2003

We are opening a restaurant here is beautiful San Juan Puerto Rico in March or April. This is dedicated to our beloved spiritual master Tamal Krishna Goswami.

Our desire is to serve sumptuous Krsna Prasadam to the masses. The cafe seats about 30 and we have a delivery market as well. This is an ideal location as initially we plan to open for lunch M-F and this area swarms with thousands! There is also a college very close with students that frequent as well. The New Age scene here is just beginning to blossom and the people are super sweet and very receptive to KC and they love prasadam. We are currently remodeling and interested in taking applications for experienced cooks, who may want to relocate to paradise and be a part of this vibrant prasadam restaurant project. It will be first class. We have a pizza oven, and will have a fresh juice bar as well. We are also opening an Exotic India Gifts Boutique and a preaching area in the restaurant.

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