Chakra Announcements

Life And Spiritual Evolution

by Achyuta Keshav Das

Posted February 25, 2008

We are happy to inform you that by the mercy of Guru Maharaja H. H. Bhaktisvarupa Damodar Swami and His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the Hindi translation book of "Life and Spiritual Evolution" has just been published. This is the first book from Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata in the National Language of India. This small book may be easy to distribute among students and scholars in India and abroad where Hindi speaking audience is large in number (almost 500 million people in India and more than 10 million in other parts of the world). For other publication of Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata please visit

We humbly request you to kindly upload the cover of the book on your website. Srila Prabhupada will certainly be pleased with this wonderful service.

Please contact us for any inquiry or order.

Your servant,
Achyuta Keshav Das

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