New, Free Philosophy Sheets to Defeat Atheism and Promote Vaishnavism
by Bhava-sindhu das
Posted February 18, 2003

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. It is my pleasure to announce that I have just added a new section to the Gita Club website which contains Philosophy Sheets that Vaishnavas (and perhaps also persons of different faiths) may find useful. Each Philosophy Sheet contains a certain philosophical argument, complete with different types of replies and objections. The Philosophy Sheets are available at

Currently there are four sheets available, all centered around the question of God's omnipotence:

  1. The "Movement" Argument (Aquinas)
  2. The "God Cannot Sin" Argument (Aquinas)
  3. The "Mercy Is Not God's Greatest Power" Argument (Aquinas)
  4. The "All Things Are Not Possible" Argument (Aquinas)
In the future, I will add many other arguments, such as arguments about God's omniscience, arguments about God's existence, arguments about Darwinism, arguments about practicing religion, etc. I will use arguments that have already been presented by Shankaracharya, Plato, Descartes, Prabhupada, etc., as well as presenting new ones that may not have been articulated by any of these philosophers.

There are different reasons for why I believe that these Philosophy Sheets may be of use to the community of devotees. First, and perhaps foremost, by studying these arguments, a devotee can relatively easy defend himself (and Vaishnavism in general) against atheistic attacks. Second, by knowing these arguments it will also be easier for him/her to argue for Vaishnavism, not just defend it. Third, by publishing these philosophical arguments I hope that we can reach an increased understanding between devotees of different faiths (Vaishnavas, Christians, Muslims, etc.); after all, many of these arguments in the philosophy of religion come from scholars with different religious backgrounds than ours. Fourth, it is also my hope that the presence of these Philosophy Sheets will enthuse also those devotees who perhaps are not so much into philosophical arguments, but who may appreciate that we actually are showing that there are no good arguments against God or against practicing Krishna Consciousness.

Hoping that all of you are in good health and a happy mood, nicely serving Sri Krishna, Srila Prabhupada, and Sri Guru.

Your servant,
Bhava-sindhu das
Blacksburg, Virgina
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