Give Krsna to the World (Wide Web)
by Krsna-nama das
reprinted from PAMHO
Posted February 17, 2003

Haribol Maharajas and Prabhus!

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Here's a wonderful opportunity to give Krishna to THIRTY THOUSAND people! At (the official BBT website) we get thirty thousand UNIQUE visitors per month. As part of our website revision we have inaugurated the Writing Project to provide introductory material on a variety of Krishna conscious subject matters. We still need writers for the topics listed below. The essays will vary in length from a few hundred to a few thousand words, depending on the topic. For some topics, we already have material you can use so you wouldn't have to start from scratch (unless you wanted to).

In almost every case the only qualifications are sincerity, familiarity with the philosophy of Krishna consciousness, and a reasonable degree of skill at writing in English.

Take a look at the topics and choose the one that interests you the most. Then let me know by email which one it is. (Just in case many people want to write about the same thing, it wouldn't hurt to pick the TWO topics that interest you the most.) Also, to expedite matters, give a very brief introduction of yourself: (a) how long you have been a devotee; (b) your current involvement with the Hare Krishna Movement, (c) to what extent you have written in the past (e.g., published work, college term papers, websites, newsletters, etc.).- You'll receive a prompt response on whether we can use your services and any relevant details about the particular writing project.

Send messages to:

For those engaged in the Writing Project the deadline for submitting your work is April 30.

In addition to the general topics listed below, the Writing Project is also looking for a devotee with some knowledge of science who can volunteer as editor for our Science Section. It is located at What's needed is someone who can go through this material as well as material from past issues of BTG to see what needs to be updated, etc.


Hare Krishna,

Krsna-nama das (SDG)
Editorial & Links Depts.,