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Celebrate Gaura Purnima Immersed In The Sweet All-Merciful Pastimes Of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu In Sri Navadvipa From Anywhere In The World

by Manjari dasi

Posted February 16, 2006

Whether you will be in the West or in Mayapur for Gaura Purnima, it does not matter. The dhama and its mercy are not limited by time, place, or space. Bhaktivenoda Thakura explains this in Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya -- we get the same spiritual benefit just by meditating on the dhama as if we were actually there. This is so easy with "Gauradesa, A Devotional Guide to Navadvipa Dhama," the best-selling book on Navadvipa dhama.

"Gauradesa is the latest treasure on Navadvipa Mandala. It is the most comprehensive, most illustrated and most practical guidebook on Gaura Mandala. It is very popular during the ISKCON Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama with myself and many other devotees. A wonderful book."

"This book gives a clear presentation of all the places of pilgrimage through its beautiful layout, many color pictures and maps. It also gives most delightful renditions of the pastimes if Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu at every place in Navadipa dhama. This book will give the readers unlimited joy."

This book also follows the same parikrama sequence that Lord Nityananda used to take Jiva Goswami on Navadvipa parikrama. It is the best book whether you take it with you on parikrama in Mayapura OR ...

do an armchair parikrama from anywhere in the world (its much cheaper and your feet don't hurt!). Just:

  • Read the directions/maps and imagine yourself on parikrama to Yogapitha,...
  • Look at the beautiful pictures of the Deities, Ganga, the places, etc. and visualize yourself there immersed in kirtana and katha with the devotees,...
  • Read the sweet renditions of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu pastimes with His associates at each and every place, ...
  • Gaze at the free poster of Gauranga dancing in bliss in Mayapura and become lost in Audarya Dhama, the dhama that overflows with causeless grace!

"Gauradesa, A Devotional Guide to Navadvipa Dhama" is reprinted with the latest information on the dhama and is available from the following suppliers:

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