Chakra Announcements

Octagon house in Saranagati Village

by Jnana-sakti das

Posted February 13, 2005

An Octagonal house with 5 acres of partially wooded land is for sale at Saranagati Village near Ashcroft, BC, Canada. Our Hare Krsna community is approx. 4 hours drive from ISKCON Vancouver. It has become a residential destination for many senior devotees who have found the environment favorable to their KC cultivation. There is also a rural public school surrounded by Vaishnava homesteads.

The 2500 square ft. house is 7years old and has 5 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a large kitchen and a completed basement with fireplace and laundry facilities. Outside is a large garden area and a successful 27 tree orchard, with apple, cherry, mulberry, peach and plum trees, all baring fruit. There is a large front yard and a driveway which encircles the acreage.

Price: US $80,000. Will consider owner financing.
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