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Radhika's Maha in Florida

by Radhika dasi & Sudevi dasi

Posted February 7, 2009

Serving fresh, healthy, wholesome, natural prasadam. We are still working on opening "Radhika's Cafe" on 441 and we know many of you are eagerly waiting popular demand we have made some of our culinary specialties available to our friends & devotee family members from our home kitchen.

Updates - our dining room @ Radhika & Sudevi's now open with seating available for adults & children.

Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner

Delivery available

14614 NW 137 Terrace (2 blocks east on 146 Avenue from Spencer Montessori)
Alachua, FL 32615

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm

Sudevi dasi 386-878-1028 | Home 386-462-3122 | Radhika dasi 352-494-2318

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Meal Sampler - 1 Entree, 1 Empanada, 1 Dessert, 1 Juice Regular Price $11.50 Special Price $10.00 dine in or take out

Family Meal Sampler for 4 People $36.00

Please call us or check your email for our Daily Entree Specials which include preparations like Spinach Lasagna, Mexican Tortilla Casserole, Eggplant Parmesan, Coconut Veggie Curry, Creamy Carrot Soup, Yellow Split Pea Soup, Black Beans & Rice, Gauranga Potatoes.

You may place your order via email or call us. If you would like your order to be ready for pick-up please allow up to 15 minutes for us to have it ready. If you know what you would like ahead of time feel free to place your order the day before, morning of or sooner. Many of our Food Containers are Washable & Reusable. Bring your own container, travel mug, thermos, etc. for a 5% discount - better for the environment & your wallet.

We thank you for your support. We look forward to serving you soon. Jaya Srila Gurudeva! Jaya Srila Prabhupada! Gaura Premanande...Haribol!

Ekadasi Menu Also Available

Yes, We cater for Special Events & Daily Meals, Leave the cooking to us!

Breakfast & Beverages 8am - 8pm

Toasted Roll or Bread w/butter or cream cheese & jelly $1.00

Toasted Roll or Bread w/melted cheese $2.00

Pina Colada Smoothie - Fresh Pineapple blended with Coconut Milk $3.00

Morir Sonando - Dreamy Blend of Orange Juice, Yogurt, Vanilla $2.50

Apple, Orange, Grape Juice (bottled) $1.50

Hot Tea or Iced Tea $1.50

Special Spiced Mocha with vanilla, cinnamon, cardamon in steamed milk $2.50

Hot or Cold Milk with Honey & Cardamon $2.50

Hot or Cold Cocoa $2.50 choose from 2% milk, soy milk or almond milk all beverages are 16 oz size

Daily Offerings 12noon - 8pm

Veggie Burger-served with cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, vegenaise and/or mustard on whole grain bun & chips $4.50

Veggie Links Hot Dog-topped with mustard, ketchup and/or vegenaise served on whole grain bun & chips $2.50

Veg Deli Meat & Cheese Wrap-served with choice of salad items, vegenaise/sour cream on sprouted, wheat or white wrap & chips $4.50

Radhika's Salad - spring mix, cucumber, avocado, tomato, pineapple & mong sprouts served with Homemade Dressing of the day $4.00 w/ whole grain roll $4.75

Whole grain roll w/butter $1.00

Empanadas/Pastelitos served with side of homemade sauce $2.00 each/2 for $3.50/3 for $5.00/4 for $6.00/5 for $7.00/6 for $8.00/7 for $9.00/8 for $10.00

varieties available: soy meat, peas & cheese, soy meat & peas or cheese


Amaradha's Dulce de Leche Cake $3.00

Sudevi's Cheesecake topped with whip cream $2.50 & fresh strawberries and/or fresh pineapple $3.00

We are happy to prepare your meal how you like it. Please make your requests. Thank you for your support and the opportunity to serve the vaisnavas. Hare Krishna