Daily Devotions in Your E-Mail box
by Dravinaksa Das
Posted December 31, 2002

During the years of 1988 thru 1991 Kelilalita Dasi typed, printed and mailed "Daily Devotions and Meditations", a monthly booklet containing enlightening quotes from Srila Prabhupada for every day of the month, thus giving you a daily diet of transcendental nectar. We are humbly trying to follow in her footsteps by presenting "Daily Devotions" to your e-mail.

To receive these daily inspirations send a note to dougyes@peoplepc.com. (Note: you can cancel at any time!)

The following responses were received from our last mailing: "AGTSP PAMHO thanks for the nectar, prabhu!" "I love reading the daily devotions." "Prabhu, thank you for including me for your daily devotions mailing. I am enjoying it very much."