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Our Puerto Rico Tropical Temple needs Pujaris and Gardener

by Nandini dd

Posted December 30, 2003

We have had a change in management here in ISKCON, New Govardan Hill, Puerto Rico; the past temple president, Vakreshvara Pandit prabhu, in no longer here. As such, we are in need of pujaris and a gardener. The Deities are most sublime, with center altar of Sri Krishna Balarama (as in Vrndavan), Sri Radha Syamasundar and Sri Gaura Nitai and Giri Govardan.

Our mountain temple is like the spiritual world with spectacular vistas and balmy Caribbean breezes with splendid flowering trees and creepers. We have a beautiful botanical garden, with flowing fountains fountains, landscaped paths and perfect places to chant japa. A flower and vegetable garden is waiting for you! We have a vibrant Sunday program (with pizza prasadam every Sunday made by our expert cook from Uruguay)! and established preaching programs in San Juan. We also have two devotee owned restaurants in the city. The island people are sweet and very favorable to KC.

The temple has good programs, opportunity for regular sadhana, puja and sankirtana, great prasadam and living facilities and good association. The island is wonderful, surrounded by emerald ocean beaches and a spectacular rainforest with waterfalls and freshwater for swimming.

If you are interested to serve in a Tropical Temple Paradise: Contact the Puerto Rico temple at HC-01, Box 8440, Gurabo, Puerto Rico 00778. You may also telephone (787) 737-4265 (leave message) or (787) 712-1213 email me at for more information.

Hare Krsna! (bi-lingual - Spanish / English nice - but not required)