Chakra Announcements

Atlanta Temple Seeks Ecstatic Devotees

by Garuda dasa (jr)

Posted December 29, 2005

For the last few years, many changes have been going on, in the ISKCON Atlanta temple, to physically and managerially set Atlanta up for a great future. We are now putting the word out for quality devotees who have a positive additude to come check out this awesome project. We also wish to review and see if you "fit", as we want to build our foundation with the best!

Atlanta Temple is Historical for the movement and is a very large facility situated in a both 'hip' and high class area close to downtown. Atlanta is a very important city which is also situated as the Hub of the southeastern united states. For this reason also, we hope to make a big (and needed) impact in the world.

So, if you are positive and friendly, wish to SHARE Krishna consciousness in innovative ways with modern americans, and have been looking to where the 'next level' of lord Chaitanya's mercy will be expanding into the world, we hope you will concider joining our hearts prayer and enthusiastically contact us.

We are also setting up as a first class training facility and are ready for quality new bhakta/bhaktin referrals. A bhaktin leader position is waiting to be filled. Reccomendations required, bacground checks may be applicable (for obvious reasons). If interested, please contact Garuda dasa at: and mention that you're writing about the Atlanta temple.