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Food for life for the Tsunami victims & Urgent request

by Mahakarta das

Posted December 29, 2004

This is an urgent request!

ISKCON Sri Lanka is providing cooked prasadam (food) for the tsunami victims. The victims are desperate. They have no facility to cook food. They have no place, they have no utensils and it is a necessity for us to provide them with cooked food. We have started with about 5000 plates per day. We are also planning to distribute milk powder etc for the children. We already started collecting rice, dal and other rations.

Sri Lanka is the worst affected by the recent earthquake in Sumatra (Indonesia) and the subsequent tidal wave which has affected many countries in this region. The tide was 40ft high and more than 11000 people are reported dead and many thousands are missing. Over a million are refugees. Most of the refugees are women and orphan babies and children. The refugees have taken shelter in hospitals, schools and temples. Hospitals have been washed out along with the patients and doctors. To continue this, we need assistance and we have to also go to different affected areas. We are starting with Trincomalee and it is the worst affected area in Sri Lanka.

100% of the donations will be given to the tsunami victims. We will also supply medical items, sleeping mats, bed sheets etc as we receive.

We need assistance from you also for this humanitarian service. Please donate generously for this cause and inform your friends to donate for this purpose. Contact us for further information.

Relief program coordinator - Mahakarta Das (Temple President)
Postal Address: ISKCON Sri Lanka
188, New chetty st
Colombo 13
Sri Lanka

Please forward your donations to:

Account Name: ISKCON
Account number: 1050669901
Bank: Commercial bank (Kotahena branch)

Thanking you
Yours in the service of Lord Krishna
Mahakarta Das
Temple President
ISKCON Sri Lanka