Computer and/or sanskrit help needed
by Garuda das
Posted December 27, 2002

Hare Krishna!!! please accept my humble obeisances, Jaya Prabhupada!

Dear devotees, Please I need help to develop a simple idea. If you are good on computer, or sanskrit, (or both) and are wanting to do some service, I could use the help.

The idea is to design on the computer, song boards which will be made at a sign company. the basic song will have the regular verses in one color, and between the verse lines, in a more subtle color, and in smaller print, the english word equivalent. I have done tests with devotees and they express that there is more feeling in their singing of our morning songs, when they can understand the meaning (at a glance) of each word as they go. Also my idea is that it will help new devotees as well as congregational people who visit the temples, to understand and sing with more devotion.

I have heard again and again over the last decade, (after questioning strongly in classes) that we are to study the songs so we can understand and feel what we say when we make these elaborate sanskrit and bengali sounds. As for most of us, it has proven to be a difficult task to become adept at such practices, even after chanting for decades. Therefore I feel this innovation could be of real help.

If you think you can help, and be dilligent in translating or desgning (computer) the main body of songs and bhajans, as above mentioned, onto the right format, that would be great! I am not so literate on computers, and spend most of my extra time doing more manual services, so this would be a great help.

Such signs would be used at Rainbow gatherings where tens of thousands of hippies would see them, and thousands would chant with us. Also, I have deep roots in the eastern U.S. ISKCON temples, and if the signs are nice enough, and the reception warm from local authorities, then there is a good chance they will be placed into use at some of these facilities.

As far as sankrit help goes, if you are good at sanskrit, or bengali, then your services would be graciously appreciated in this endeavor. i have a nice little "word for word" song book put out by H.G. Dasarath Suta das Prabhu, in his "nectar books", but there are some imortant songs in that which are not translated (perhaps on Srila Prabhupada's vedabase?). Plus, some innovation has to be employed in shortening the meanings of some single words that are packed with information!

That is the body of my plea for help in this endeavor. It is not that difficult. All I would ask is that services rendered be in a positive, loving spirit. That will come out in the work.

Please email me to discuss this further:

Thank you so much!

your servant, Garuda dasa