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Big House For Sale By Owner in Alachua

by Ganga-gati dasi

Posted December 26, 2004

Hare Krsna! We need to downsize due to financial reasons, so we're selling our home of 8 years. It's within walking distance or a very short drive to the popular New Raman Reti farm in Alachua. It's on a private drive on a hill, off a paved road. The house is a 2-story brick colonial with 5 big bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths. It is large--close to 5,000 sq. ft. It has front columns--people say it reminds them of the White House or Graceland!! (I don't know about that!) It has a dining (or temple) room, living room, family room, laundry room, closets, kitchen w/nook, back patio, 2nd-story veranda, 2-car attached garage, 5 entrances, 3-zone heat/AC. Surrounding the house are flowering trees, bushes, and grass, and there are many beautiful granddaddy oaks and big pines. Outside there is a storage shed. The house is completely surrounded by 20 acres of mostly-cleared land (great for planting, horses, cows, etc.) with some woods at the very back of the property. Deer, squirrels, and birds can often be seen. The immediate neighbors (whom we rarely see) are professionals and retired people. Other neighbors are non-threatening families. Many devotee families live in the area, some within walking distance. It is a safe, secluded place. We haven't had any security problems. The girls' asrama is minutes away. The house is strongly built with good materials. It was barely affected by the 2 hurricanes which hit the area. The roof is OK. The house will require some fixing up. Repairs and cosmetic improvements (painting, etc.) have been neglected by us, so we're willing to reduce the price to sell "as is." Listed price was $725,000. We'll consider taking off at least $50,000--make us a reasonable offer, please, if you are interested. There are many devotees and non-devotees in the area who advertise skills in renovation, repairs, and cleaning. The property is a beautiful place with lots of potential, and has been a popular meeting place for devotees, kids, and relatives. It's perfect for devotional programs, parties, and reunions.

Alachua, FL. is a great place to live! Hundreds of devotees of all ages, interests, and levels of realization are here. The classes and festivals at NRR are wonderful! The climate is mild, there are several colleges and public and private schools, including several Hare Krsna schools, attended by devotees of all ages. Many countries and nationalities of devotees are represented here. There are dozens of devotees initiated by Srila Prabhupada. There are many Indian families and an Indian cultural center in nearby Gainesville. There is a preaching center in Gainesville which distributes prasadam to college students. Beaches, freshwater springs, shopping, health food stores, Indian groceries, and airports are all within a reasonable drive. Alachua as a good place to make friends, raise a family, find a service, or start a project. The NRR Deities are beautiful. For serious inquiries, please call (386)-462-7960, or email Thank you! Haribol! --Your servant, Ganga-gati dasi