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ISKCON Deity Worship Books for Sale

by Louise Jones

Posted December 24, 2007

Rare and hard to find -

Pancaratra Pradipa - Illumininations of Pancaratra - Volume One and Supplement to Volume One.

These are the orange, cloth-bound deity worship books printed in 1994 by Iskcon GBC Press in Mayapur. These highly detailed manuals describe the method of deity worship for Iskcon. This set was compiled by the GBC Deity Worship Research Group.

Volume One is 321 pages and in perfect condition. The supplement book to volume one is 186 pages and also in perfect condition.

These books show in high detail every aspect of deity worship including all mantras and mudras.

Both books are illustrated with black and white drawings.

Please submit your best offer to I will be accepting offers for five days after this ad is published in Chakra.

Thank you