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Service At Almvik In Sweden

by Almvik

Posted December 24, 2005

We are loooking for devotees that can perform deity worship (altar and kitchen services). Almvik Deities are Sri Sri Panca Tattva. They are receiving 4 food offerings, three big and few smaller arotiks, are dressed two times a day and bathed daily.

We are looking for brahmana initiates, preferably with some experience in altar and kitchen services. Our main request is that you are seriously interested in deity worship and personal service to Sri Sri Panca Tattva. You will be expected to do about six hours of service daily and attend temple program (morning and/or evening) provided you are not doing service at that time.

We are a small rural community (about 40 persons + children) situated ca 40 minutes by car south of Stockholm. Many are during the day out at work. Cold winter days it may feel a bit lonely but serving Panca Tattva usually takes that problem away. We do not pay devotees for serving Panca Tattva but we will cover your stay costs (room, prasadam fee) and provide your basic needs (clothes, hygienic necessities). We also request that devotees have health insurance of some kind and demand that all European devotees get a EU health card. In the case you need special medical attention, please mention that in your application so we can check if that is possible to provide in Sweden.

We would like to know how you work in a group and how easy you can adopt to new situations (deity worship is always a bit different from temple to temple). If you have no experience in deity worship but are sincere and ready to learn, contact us and we can discuss it.

Our facilities are more suited for brahmacaris/-inis than grihastas. We may need 1-2 persons from the end of January, and one person from the end of February. We need you to be able to stay minimum 3 months, preferably 6 months. After that we may (both sides) review our cooperation and discuss eventual further stay.

Please also give some references from your devotional life.

Xtra plus if you are interested in preaching!

Please contact för info!