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Here Comes the Sun - the Spiritual And Musical Journey Of George Harrison

by Radha Mohan das

Posted December 22, 2005

Special notice!

Please visit the following website to learn more about the NEW George Harrison book by Yogeshwar prabhu (Joshua Greene): "Here Comes the Sun- The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison". John Wiley & Sons Publishers.
View some of the photos and browse some of the pages online.

The US edition is being shipped on Dec. 16th and will be on front tables of Barnes & Noble by January 6th 2006
The Russian edition will be in Moscow bookstores by February 2006
The UK edition (Bantam Books) will be released in July 2006
The Japanese edition (East-West Books) will be out by September 2006

Six other languages are in negotiation.

(This information has been sent out with the knowledge of the author)