Chakra Announcements

Opening of Natural Spiritual & Vegetarian Shopping

by Jada Bharata das

Posted December 19, 2004

I would like to announce an official opening of my sales web site Natural Nirvana Spiritual and Vegetarian Shopping ( on which I am selling a wide selection of devotional products and also vegan (products not containing any animal products) body care items, bags, raw foods (Prasadam when possible, the Prasadam Gopal Wraps are great), wallets, belts, Ayurvedic medicines, herbal remedies & supplement, vegetarian cookbooks, cosmetics and many more items.

My goal is to establish a web site that devotees can get a full range of devotional items and also get basic everyday products that often contain animal ingredients that I can guarantee to be totally free of animal products and animal testing, therefore violent-free. From my research on what products to carry on this web site I was shocked at how many products that people commonly use contain either animal products or extremely dangerous chemicals. For instance most red color lipsticks and nail polishes contain either harmful chemical red dyes or when it is stated to be from a natural source it is often derived from crushed redpcolor bugs, as amazing as this may seem.

Some products on the site are high quality, attractive hemp products by Ecolution, books published by the BBT & Mandala (some great art books), a good selection of devotional music and videos, clothing from India, devotional books, raw food & vegan cookbooks, Ayurvedic books and quality incenses.

Even though there is an extensive list of items (over 2,000) now on the web site, I am just starting and plan to expand greatly in the coming year.

I started this sales web site to help support myself, so I can devote more of my time to updating my information web sites where I put links over to reading the Bhagavad-Gita on every page, Braja-Mandala & Vrindavana web site, Mayapur & Navadvipa Dhama web site and a very detailed Spiritual India & Nepal web sites. The last three web sites are found on the Natural Nirvana web site by clicking links on the right side of the Main Home page ( These web sites receive over one million page views a year and many people have wrote me to tell me that they are the most informative and useful web sites on the Internet on these subjects.

I would like to add a Prasadam recipes sections on my site giving a clear explanation of the spiritual qualities of Prasadam, quotes about Prasadam from Srila Prabhupada and vegetarian recipes that devotees and the general public can use. If you have a collection of vegetarian recipes or can tell me how I can get a collection of devotee vegetarian recipes please email me at, as I believe this would be a great resource for devotees.