Chakra Announcements

Your Association and is Help Wanted

by ISKCON New Vrndavana

Posted December 17, 2003

New Vrindaban would welcome inquiries from devotees desiring to live and serve in the holy dhama. Specifically needed are construction workers with carpentry, construction, electricial skills to help maintain and rebuild the community. Many other opportunities for service are manifesting for cooks, pujaris, kirtan leaders, seamstresses, in fact, most every capacity including taking care of Radha Vrndavana Candra's cows.

New Vrndavana is experiencing a Spiritual renaissance. The morning program is becoming very festive. Many serious and mature devotees are actively involved in preaching (including to the Indian community). We are taking much care to provide shelter and create a very happy secure environment for guests and the brjabasis devotees living here as well.

In addition to a Krsna Conscious revival, the community is simultaneously experiencing an economic revitalization. There are many plans for redeveloping New Vrndavana to make it an even more transcendental community of devotees and popular place of pilgrimage for devotees and non-devotees alike.

We welcome you to join us, lending your support and association to one of Srila Prabhupada's dear-most ISKCON project, New Vrindavan. Devotee-workers will be given adequate accomodation, maintenance, prasadam, etc By the time Spring arrives, devotees will be experiencing so much ecstasy as a result of their hard work and surrender this winter, that Krsna's reward as flower bearing Spring will have new meaning for all of us!

Although the winter is sometimes austere in the hills of West Virginia, Srila Prabhupada has told us that by virtue of our devotional service the climate will gradually change. Actually we are experiencing the mildest winter we have seen in years.

Inquiries can be made directly to Lokavarnotamma dasa (304) 845-6830 Recent references are required from senior devotees (temple president, GBC, Guru, etc.) Foreign citizen devotees can inquire about obtaining religious visas and plane fare to move here.

Strict sadhana with regular attendance at the morning program is required for all of our devotees. Please feel free to contact us for more information.