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New Book by Amala Bhakta Dasa

submitted by Amala Bhakta das

Posted December 16, 2003

A new book...
Discovering Lord Krishna
A Compelling Look at His Amazing Life

Krishna is known worldwide mainly for the timeless wisdom he spoke in India about 5,000 years ago in the famous spiritual classic Bhagavad Gita (The Song of God). This book has become so popular that there are now over one thousand English translations of it from the original Sanskrit, and over 800 million people around the world worship Krishna daily. And with the growing interest in yoga and meditation today, it's no wonder. Yet most readers of the Gita know very little about Krishna's astonishing personal life.

To fill this gap, a richly detailed, reader-friendly book has just arrived: The Supreme Mystic: A Biographical Novel about the Early Years of Lord Krishna by Amal Bhakta. (January, 2004, A Krishna Productions book published by TurnKey Press, $17.95, ISBN # 0974466816) Entertaining, suspenseful, and fascinating, it reveals the miracles Krishna performed as a child and youth and the great battles he fought against King Kamsa's demonic sorcerers. It also shows Krishna's playful, fun-loving side that made him irresistible to his village neighbors.

"I wrote this book primarily for the Western world because most people here have little or no knowledge of Krishna's (God's) incredible personal life and the loving way he bestows perpetual spiritual ecstasy and serenity on his sincere devotees," says Bhakta. "In this world of fear, stress and confusion that we live in, people need to discover just how easily accessible Krishna is and how greatly he wants to help us overcome our problems--when we properly approach him."

Acclaimed author, monk and yogi, Bhakta based his book on five of India's ancient scriptures. Although his account reads like a modern page-turner, it also manages to be highly thought-provoking, spiritually informative, and easily understandable. Unlike other books about Krishna, the author does not indulge in heavy philosophical commentary or theological arguments. Instead, he deepens the reader's involvement in Krishna's remarkable activities, providing an exciting, moving, and inspiring experience. It's a continuous meditation that brings one ever-increasingly closer to Krishna. Both adults and children will relish and appreciate this new book.

Amal Bhakta was a yoga teacher in New York City for 18 years, and in 13 of them was the director of a yoga institute. He has been residing in West Los Angeles for the past 28 years, where he teaches, counsels, and lectures regularly at a bhakti yoga center. He has also narrated and produced about 275 audiocassettes, dramatic and non-dramatic, of books and stories for Krishna Productions.

The book can be ordered from all bookstores. It will be available at the online bookstores (Amazon, BNN) at the end of December. Cases of 24 books may be ordered from the book's producer, Krishna Productions, at considerable discount: