Chakra Announcements

Actors wanted for Maypur Gaura Purnima

by Parividha das

Posted December 14, 2003

Dear prabhus, Please accept my obeisances. Jaya Srila Prabhupada.

For my performance of 'The test of Bhrigu Muni I need a few devotees (40+) to play sages. They all have no more then three lines. It is not a life performance, so you have to speak along with a soundtrack. Interested? Please reply in a private letter to

For my performance of "The Syamantaka Jewel" during Gaura Purnima I need a devotee (50+) to play grandfather Ugrasena. If you are interested to play this part please reply in a private letter.

Here are his lines:

Ugrase: More than two weeks have passed since you returned from the forest. It appears that the Lord must have completed His pastimes on this earth and has returned to His spiritual abode. Alas. Eh Alas. the only happiness of my life has been taken away from me. This Satrajit! It is all his fault!

Ketu: Indeed my Lord. Ever since Satajit brought the Syamantka jewel into the city it has been a source of great anxiety to to to all of us.

Vijay: It is because of his poisonous gossip that Krsna went to the forest to look for the jewel and Prasena.

Attam: Well at least everyone knows now that lord Krsna had nothing to do with the jewel's disappearance and Prasena's death.

Ugrase: Indeed. (Enter Krsna)

Krsna: Grandfather. (touches Urasena's feet)

Ugras: Krsna! O Krsna, my dear boy. Eh Who is (looking at Jambavati) eh?...

Krsna: Grandfather, I would like you to meet my wife Jambavati.

Ugrase: Oh eh my dear Jambavati. Welcome to the Yadu dynasty. Krsna, where did you meet her? And why have you been away so long? We were all so worried. Did you find the jewel?

Krsna: Well, as you know I went inside the tunnel. There I found the jewel. But in order to get it back I had to first have a little fight with my devotee Jambavan, who due to his anger did not recognize me. Jambavan was the one, who killed the lion, who killed Prasena. After 28 days of fighting, when he finally understood who I am, He offered me both these jewels.

Ugrase: Hah! Jaya! Ha O I was so worried! I was just about to curse this Satrajit. Actually I don't want to ever hear his name again in this palace.

Serv: Eh.My lords. King Satrajit.

Ugrase: (He and Krsna look at each other, then start laughing) Show him in. (Both continue laughing)

Krsna: Satrajit. Here is the jewel, which you thought was taken by me. You should know for sure that your brother was killed by a lion and that I was in no way connected with his death. (exit Satrajit)

Ugrase: T. I'm amazed at this Satrajit. He could have at least offered you an apology for all the trouble he has caused you. But what can you expect from a materialist like that.

Krsna: Material wealth. You know there is a lesson to be learned from this incident. If we become too attracted to material wealth, then that very wealth will drag us to the lowest position.

Serva: Ahum. My Lords, king Satrajit would like to see You again.

Krsna: Again? Show him in.

Satra: Eh. Your majesty. My dear Lord Krsna, Please please forgive my offences against you. Surely I am the most foolish man in this world. Ahum . I I'm therefore not fit to keep such a wondrous gem. So please, please take it, for there is no one save yourself, who is fit to possess it and in addition I would like You to accept the hand of my daughter Satyabhama. You must know that many princes have sought her hand, but I consider You alone are fit to be her husband.

Krsna: Thank you. thank you for these gifts, but while I certainly accept the hand of your beautiful daughter I think it is better that the Syamanta jewel remains in the temple, for then, due to its presence, there will be no more famine, contagious diseases or excessive heat or cold in the city.

Satra: If you insist.

Attam: Lord Sri Krsna ki!

All: Jaya!