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Houses And Apartments for Sale in 'Villaggio Hare Krishna' - Italy

by Sri Lalita dasi

Posted December 12, 2008

Are there any Hare Krishna families who wish to live and raise their children in an Italian Vaishnava comunity? The 'Hare Krishna Village' ( or 'Villaggio Hare Krishna') is a village with about 80 different houses and apartments built mostly by devotees in the same compound as Sri Sri Radha Raman and Sri Sri Gaura Nitai temple in North Italy. This is an ISKCON temple established about 20 years ago with a full 6 arati per day program, morning (sometimes also evening) lectures, Sunday feasts and vaisnava festivals with a growing Indian community.

The Hare Krishna Village is situated at 3/4 hour drive from center Milan and 20min from center Bergamo. The nearest train station is at about 8min drive, the nearest airport is 20min drive (with Ryanair flights), the Alps are a 1/2 hour drive and the Italian lakes are between 3/4 hour and 1 1/2 hour drive. In this very moment not all the houses are inhabitated by devotees (about 25 % of the houses are owned by non-devotees) and some have just been built and are for sale.

The prices are going from 120,000.00 to 250,000.00 and there is a variety of sizes. In the same compound you can also find a public full scale swimming pool and a body care center; the temple bakery and temple shop are open every Sunday and a bike path connects the 'Hare Krishna Village' to the small village where schools for boys and girls between 2 and 13 years are situated. Depending on the number of children between 2 and 5 and the propensity of their parents, a kindergarten may be or not be organized by the devotees in the temple facilities.

We would be happy to welcome you and your devotee family.

Here are five pictures from the Villaggio Hare Krishna: Sri Sri Radha Raman Deities, the temple, 2 pictures with few houses, inside the swimming pool.

Anyone who would like to get more information is invited to write to my address: - I am not an official agent, but I'm representing a group of devotees who worry that more of the village houses may be bought by non-devotees, and I can connect you to the different owners, depending on what you want (price, apartment, independent house, two bedrooms etc.)