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Computer Repair Business for Sale Or Rent In Alachua

by Jalakara das (ACBSP)

Posted December 12, 2005

We own a computer repair business known as Alachua Computer Doctor, which is situated on Main Street in devotee-friendly Alachua, Florida.

It has been established for ten years and has a large base of repeat customers as well as an excellent reputation for skill and integrity. In addition to in-shop repairs (about 100 per month), we also custom-build computers, network, do on-site service, etc. We are the leading repair center in the region, as well as the oldest.

I am now 54 years of age and am going to take vanaprastha, so we would like to sell or rent the business on flexible terms. If anyone is interested, they can email me at *jalakara *at**, and I will provide more detailed business information. It is a completely working and successful business offered on a turnkey basis.

Although small, the business is profitable and provides a living for two families, so a technically-savy computer person could run the business and have an income of $40k to $60k per year, which is considerable in relation to the low cost of living in North Central Florida.

We would like to help our devotee family members, and I pray to Lord Krishna that a devotee may be interested in this business, so they can have a secure income, my family may have some income, and I can be freed to practice more intense full-rime devotional service.