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Looking for a Female Assistant

by Malati dasi (ACBSP)

Posted December 9, 2005

I am looking for a female assistant who would ideally be available from March/April 2006 though October 2006 (longer would be welcomed, but at least this time frame).

Practical skills and abilities would include:

I am based in New Vrindaban, USA but anticipate substantial time spent traveling to other North American centers during the Rathyatra Season (June through Sept.). The Festival of Inspiration, Kuli Mela, and Vaishnavi Retreat are some of the other events that would be part of the schedule.

Interested ladies (over 18 yrs) can contact me directly at the above e-mail. References will be required and checked, particularly in the need of visa sponsorships. (Note: This is service oriented only. There are no financial payments involved although the applicant would be completely cared for.)

Thank you so much. Your servant,

Malati dasi (ACBSP)
GBC Member

304-845-9591 (USA)

PS: There could be consideration for a married couple w/o children if the husband has some practical skills (wood work, carpentry, electric, construction, mechanic, or agriculture, etc) and is interested to serve in New Vrindaban.