Chakra Announcements

The Women Of Mahabharata

by Vedic Theatre Company

Posted December 7, 2005

The Vedic Theatre Company is proud to announce a never-before-seen stage play (and future DVD) for Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON'S 40th Anniversary celebration 2006, entitled, "The Women of Mahabharata" a monodrama. This is a very highly emotional and dramatic adaptation that tells of the Battle of Kuruksetra and the events leading up to the great war from a woman's point of view. But as you know, these six women are not ordinary.

While there are many "non-devotees" actors who want to take part in this ambitious production, we are seeking inquiries from dedicated and enthusiastic devotee actresses, Natyam dancers and 2-3 males who will perform stage combat in MIME as well. Age for actors can be 16-45.

Ideally, we would like to eventually perform nation-wide but for the moment we are looking to perform at Festival of Inspiration, the kumbameli in Junhe if possible and so we would need actors where there is the greatest concentration of devotees.

We would also be interested in hearing from devotees who would like to get involved in this play as sponsors/backers etc. or in any way they may deem feasible.