Chakra Announcements

Devotional Business for Sale:
"Eternal Rose Designs"

by Devadati dasi

Posted December 5, 2004

Nature of "Prasadam" Business


Included in Sale Package

For sincere/serious inquiries, please contact me:


Address and Phone:

Devavati Cunningham
505 Herron Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone (412)681-4476

Thank-you - and Namaste:

My Dear Vaisnava Family:

Depending on time and circumstance, this service has allowed me to support myself nicely and assist in many community projects for the last 16 year's. As a gradual progress in vanaprastha ashram - I am witness to the blessings this business has given.

This service (business), has allowed me to dive deeply into the mystery and confidence of devotional life, but it is time to pass this on. On a personal note, my goal is to become more freed-up, to assist my Gurumaharaja in Book distribution and preaching and to assist the "Vaisnavas Care" project by spreading the word about "Care-Homes for every community.

In Truth and Love - Devavati dasi

P.S. References provided upon request