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House In Vrindavan for Rent Or for Sale

by Naval Kishor Shastri

Posted August 29, 2006

The house is situated in the peaceful and nice Madhuvan Colony, near the Krishna-Balaram temple. The location is quite and safe. It is far enough from the main road so that the traffic cannot be heard. It is only some 5 minutes walking distance from the Krishna Balarama temple. When you go along the parikrama path you have to turn left at the Krishna Balarama tree and go a few more meters. Many nice Indian and western devotees are living in this area. Also the "Pepsi-building" is just there. The house has a nice veranda where one can read, chant or do other activities with a view to the small garden of the house.

The house itself is strongly built and is in a very good shape. A strong big wall is protecting the property from unwanted visitors. There is hot water in the bathroom and running sweet water in the kitchen.

Information for renting it:

The house has 1 big room and 2 small rooms with a furnished kitchen the pots and pans are there and with gas and stove. The cost per room is 3,500 rupees for the big room per month excluding electricity bill (which generally is not much if not wasted) and 3,300 rupees for the single small room per month excluding electricity. The whole house is 11,000 rupees per month excluding electricity.

Information for purchasing it:

It is strong enough that even a second floor can be built on top of the first floor. It is built according to vastu shastra and has a harmonic appearance. Photos and infos about the price are available.

Further details:

If you are interested please contact Naval Kishor Shastri on navalshastri@yahoo.