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Give us your tired, your poor, your upgraded system...

by Atul Krsna das

Posted August 26, 2003

Sri Sri Guru Gaurangau Jayatah

Dear Devotees,

Do you have an old 133Mhz Pentium system with 64MB of RAM gathering dust in a closet? Have you upgraded an old system that is just too slow to run newer applications?

If you have a computer that works but is just too slow or too outdated to keep up and you'd like to donate it to the Gaudiya Vedanta Publications office at Gopinath Bhavan in Sridham Vrindavan, we'd be happy to engage it. Non-working computers can also be used for parts, but working ones are preferred.

For more details on what would be useful and how to bring it or send it here, please contact:

Thank you!

Vaishnava dasanudas,
Atul Krishna das
Gopinath Bhavan
Sridham Vrindavan