Chakra Announcements

House At Radha-Kunda

by Ananda

Posted August 18, 2008

Devotees wishing to migrate to the most sacred corner of Braja Mandala will be happy to know of a beautiful spot and a house at Radhakund. Built in the spring of 2007, the house, with 220 square yards of land and a beautiful garden with good soil and sweet water is located a five minute walk away from the sacred ponds, near the water tanks.

The walled property is located on a walled area developed by Pal Babu, an elderly Bengali gentleman, investor and a long-time devotee. Ideal for devotees owing to strict standards on to whom the land is sold, you can expect to live in a peaceful environment full of devotees, aloof from the often chaotic local suburbs, protected by heavy three-meter walls and a high iron gate.

The house consists of a kitchen, a bedroom, a basement, and an external toilet-bathroom combo, total building area being around 80+ y2. There's space for building a 12 y2 room atop the large basement, a blessing in the hot summer season. The basement needs to be revamped to handle the peak of the rainy season. No pipes or water pumps have been installed, but aren't a major experience if you need a bit of extra convenience. We've been quite content with the hand pump!

Purchased in November 2005 for 1200 Rs / y2, the price has soared to double in two and half years, and can be easily expected to double again in the next two years. The land market is hot at the moment - in a few years prices will be in the Vrindavan range and good locations hard to find.

The property is modestly priced at 900,000 INR or 14,250 EUR in a place where surrounding areas of land has still a steeper price. Possibilities for payment in installments are available - ask me or make a suggestion!

Pictures of the house and a Google Map are available at my Picasa Web Albums: Click Here. A good aerial view of the area is available at Vraja Journal: Click Here

Further inquiries may be sent to and (please include both). Malati is currently living in the house and available to show it around for interested visitors.