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Posted August 17, 2004

Holy Cow Book Jacket

Holy Cow! The Hare Krishna Contribution to Vegetarianism and Animal Rights, $17, 1-59056-066-3 (New York: Lantern Books, 2004). 240 pages with pictures and index. By Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa)

Preface by Chrissie Hynde
Foreword by Mukunda Goswami

This is a major outside publisher's first ever book on prasadam (sacred vegetarian food), cow protection, Food for Life, Ayurveda vegetarian style, diet and the three modes of nature -- and documention of devotees' award-winning cookbooks and first-class, pioneering vegetarian restaurants. Includes vegan-friendly recipes and will be available at all major outlets.

Hot off the press!!

Holy Cow explores the often neglected connection between spirituality and diet, using the accomplishments of the Hare Krishna movement as a basis for this discussion. Krishna devotees have long been known for their other-worldly and extremely tasty vegetarian cuisine as well as for their pronounced views on animal rights, both stemming from a philosophy of compassion for all living entities. Unlocking these aspects of their philosophy and practice, Holy Cow takes readers into an esoteric world of Eastern wisdom and culinary delight.

The growth of the modern-day Hare Krishna Movement in the 1960s coincided with the growth of vegetarianism as an expression of nonviolence in a time of objectionable warfare. That is, "Hare Krishna" and vegetarianism enjoyed a contemporary as well as historical synchronicity. In fact, Holy Cow makes it clear that devotees of Krishna in many ways spearheaded the widespread appreciation of vegetarianism and animal rights in the United States and in Europe as well. Thus, Holy Cow focuses on the Krishna movement's pioneering and even visionary efforts in popularizing non-meat cuisine and the compassionate treatment of animals in the West-it explains how they did so from the days of their first Sundaay Love Feast (in 1966) and how they continue to do so in the present day.

The Origins of the Hare Krishna Movement
The Movement's Philosophy in Relation to Vegetarianism and Animal Rights
Devotees of Krishna: Aesthetic Ascetics
The Importance of Prasadam

1. A Brief History of Vegetarianism in India
Animal Sacrifices
Vegetarianism and the Long-Term Vedic Restoration Paradigm
Looking at the Sacrifices More Closely
For the Good of All Creatures
Vegetarianism and Nonviolence
"The Lord's Mercy"

2. India's Sacred Cows
Krishna, the Blue Cowherd Boy
Mother of Mankind
Mother of Necessity
ISKCON and Cow Protection

3. Ayurveda and the Three Modes of Material Nature
A Closer Look at Ayurveda
How Ayurveda Works: The Personal Approach
Back to ISKCON
The Yoga of Balance
Doctors of the Soul
The Three Modes of Material Nature

4. "Thou Shalt Not Kill"
Analysis of the Sixth Commandment
"Killing" Versus "Murder"
Do Animals Have Souls?
"Killing Plants is Still Killing!"
The Ethical Implications of Vegetarianism

5. Food For Life
The Distinguishing Quality
ISKCON Food Relief Origins
FFL Success Stories
Victory in Chechnya
What the Future Holds

6. Restaurants and Cookbooks
The Next Phase
Govinda's Restaurants, et. al.
Jerry Abram's Prasadam Cart
Books that Cook
Adiraja and The Higher Taste
Yamuna Makes Waves
Kurma's Culinary Conquests

7. Recipes For The Soul
The Taste of Krishna
The Real Ingredient

Appendix: interview with Rosen

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