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Seeking An Assistant

by Malati d.d.

Posted August 17, 2003

Hare Krishna! I am looking for a female assistant who would be available at least though the New Year (and preferably longer).

Must be at least 18 yrs or older and reasonably mature
Good mental and physical health
Must be able to legally drive (ie: have a license)
Basic computer literacy
Speak & understand English
Willing to travel
Able to do simple cooking & lite housekeeping
Willing to attend Temple functions such as Mangala Arati
Willing to chant japa regularly
Genuine interest in Krishna Conciousness would help

Home base would be lovely New Vrindavan in West Virginia, USA a well developed rural community that is at once close to civilization, yet some distance away. (I would consider sponsoring a Religious Workers visa for the right person),

My main service is with the International GBC body , in addition to developing festivals and retreats and serving the Vaishnave community at large. While I cannot guarantee financial renumeration, I can assure applicants that all basic needs plus others would be taken care off (this includes housing, meals, clothing, basic & emergency health care, use of a personal computer, etc) plus nice association with many senior vaishnaves and vaishnavis.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact:
304-845-9591 (office)
614-580-9379 (cell)

Thanking you by advance, In Krishna's service,
yr servant,
Malati dasi