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Beautiful Ashram for Sale in Navadvipa

by Xiromantu

Posted August 6, 2008

Location: A five minute walk from the Prachin Mayapur Janmasthan of Gauranga Mahaprabhu attached to the main road just on the Ganga's bank on the northen side of Navadvipa.

This ashram has a two-story house and an attractive mandir on 3 bighas of property (ABOUT ONE ACRE). It has lush gardens and a beautiful view overlooking the Ganga.

It has a concrete paved ghat on the river side, and a brick wall surrounds most of the property. The environment is ideal for devotional purposes. There is plenty of room on the land for expansion for new rooms or additional buildings. The price is only 25 lakh rupees.

If non-Indian nationals wish to buy, there is a method whereby they can purchase the property.

Photos available.

Contact: xiromantu { at ] sbcglobal [dot} net