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Looking for Band Members

by Mangalananda das

Posted August 3, 2007

We're looking for full-time band members to expand our duo, AverageSoul -- Michael Cassidy (Mangalananda) & Joie Frye (Yamini)

Our CD credits are "A Change of Heart," "Natures Secret," "Beyond Illusion," "Take Me Back," "Trying To Connect With You," "Lay it Down," & "Do What You Do."

We live in Catonsville, Maryland, and are looking for interested players who live in the area or who are willing to move to the area -- close enough to practice once or twice a week.

We perform in the DC, Baltimore area as well as some overnight gigs. Mostly our gigs are home concerts, smoke-free acoustic venues, cafes and some festivals.

We sing about Krishna straight from the heart and almost make enough money to maintain our equipment and pay for gas. So you'll need a day job. Fortunately, the job market is strong in our area.

If you teach an instrument, there are two music stores two blocks from our studio with teaching opportunities.

Catonsville is officially recognized as "Music City Maryland" and in a recent national survey was ranked the 49th best U.S. city to live in.

We are looking for:

  1. Guitar player
  2. Accordion player
  3. Fiddle player
  4. All-around drummer/percussionist.
**It would also be good if you can sing harmony.

Check out our site If all this sounds good to you, e- mail me: and lets talk.

Hare Krishna !
Mangalananda / Michael Cassidy