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Everyone may contribute to online Vyasa Puja book

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Posted August 3, 2004

This year, for the first time, is hosting an online Vyasa Puja book for Srila Prabhupada. We encourage all devotees, well-wishers, and friends to write their appreciations and prayers for Srila Prabhupada and send it in to be posted.

One of the great features of this new online Vyasa Puja book is that devotees are welcome to write in their native language. Tell your friends, and spread the word. When you submit your offering, please include your name and where you are from. If you are writing in a language other than English, please include the name of the language in English to make the process of posting it smoother.

This year's Vyasa Puja is September 7th, so send your offering soon. Send all offerings to: To see the online Vyasa Puja book visit: