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Jalebi Music Group Marks Online Milestone

by Mira Bai dasi

Posted August 2, 2007

Jalebi Music online is one year old. We put our first songs online on 12 July 2006. We have our own website and we are also present on more than 35 websites in English and 12 websites in Italian. Jalebi Music has grown and touched the lives of many people around the world.

We are still amazed by the success that we have had, practically from day one. We have had excellent reviews by such musicians as Peter Gabriel, Steve Gadd, Franco Battiato and Enrico Rava, what to speak of all of our Jalebi fans who have kept us number one at Beta Records for the last 35 weeks.

Unfortunately, Jalebi Music sales have not kept pace with our popularity. This was to be expected, because there is a tendency for music lovers to think that they should get all their music free, but we hope that our fans will eventually be as generous with their money as they have been with their praise. If every fan bought just one song each, we would have the money to finance our next CD and videos! A little from everyone would mean A lot. We are counting on you.

If you have not seen the Beta Records World Chart for this week then please take a peek. (Scroll down to the bottom of the Chart page.)

As you can see, we have stiff competiton with two songs on the Chart; one is now number two and the other is number eight. This contender seems to want to take Sri Radha Govinda Kirtan off the throne. Will you, our friends and fans, let this happen? No way! So please cast your vote today. The Chart is updated every Monday, so there is still time to defend our songs. A simple click on our songs is an automatic vote. Please click and vote.

Concerts: Jalebi will be participating in two music festivals in Italy in August. The first is "Natural Mystic Festival" -- a music festival that features traditional and modern Indian Music, Reggae and Fusion. Dates: 12 August (confirmed) and 27 August (to be confirmed). Times: 4 p.m. - Midnight. Admission free. Location: Parco Airone, Lago di Vico (Lake Vico), Punto dello Scoglio, Ronciglione (Viterbo), Italy. Contact: Paco Fabrini (Padmanabha das) 039 0761 612087

The second event is the wonderful annual Ratha Yatra festival held every year in Viareggio. Date: 13 - 14 August. (Jalebi performs only on 14 August.) Location: Piazza Mazzini (Mazzini Square), Viareggio, Italy

We are very excited about participating in these wonderful festivals where our Italian and visiting international fans can hear and see us live and, more important, where we can meet them personally. Hope to see you there too.

Jalebi Music on We3us Radio: This is a really nice online radio station that contacted me to ask permission to play our songs on their radio. Of course I said yes. We are now being played in rotation with other artists on their Relax and Easy Music Channel.

Jalebi Music E-cards If you want to send e-cards with our music and help us promote Jalebi Music then just go to Click "Send a musicgram, search for our music by Artist (Jalebi) and then follow the instructions. Not all of our songs are posted yet, but they will be in a few days.

Would you like to have an online MP3 player with Jalebi Music to put on your website or web log? Well, just go to, search for Jalebi Music, and get the codes. You can see and get the code for our Jalebi Music Video "Jaya Radha (The Girl Has Got It All) on our website in the video section, get it from our page or Google Videos (search for Jalebi Music Video).

Anyone can join the Beta Records Jalebi Music Fan Club. Send your e-mail address; I will contact you and ask you which song you want me to send you by file transfer. Then you can download and enjoy your free Jalebi Music MP3 file.

We thank you all for making this a most wonderful year -- a year in which we have come a long way together. We hope that your appreciation and support will continue to grow. We are doing our best to offer music and a message that can find synchrony within the hearts of all those who are truly seeking transcendental love, peace and harmony. Haribol!