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Land for Sale in Alachua

by Kishore Krsna das

Posted August 1, 2003

Alachua, Florida, is the fastest growing devotee community in the world. Many, many families are moving here, as there are three children's schools, a devotee health food store, a restaurant, many Prabhupada desciples, and lots of good association. Land prices are going up and up, therefore if you are thinking of moving here someday, I have a nice piece of land for sale at a very good price. It is 11 acres of land, 10 cleared and one acre with trees, with a newly dug well , only 3 miles from the temple, devotee neighbors, ready to build a house or mobile home. Please email me if you have any interest in buying land here in Alachua, Florida USA. My email is and phone number is 386 462 9517

Kishore krsna Das