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Swagatam Krishna changes many hearts

by Sacidevi dasi

Reposted April 27, 2004

Last year I formed my music company URJA MUSIC meant solely for preaching through music. I am very grateful that with the blessings of the Vaisnavas, my music has reached far and wide and the feedback I have received on my albums is very inspiring.

My desire is only to ensure that each soul gets a chance to hear and chant Krishna's name and by the mercy of guru and Srila Prabhupada I have embarked on a venture that allows me to serve through this wonderful medium of music.

My album titled SWAGATAM KRISHNA has recorded the highest sales and some of the comments from listeners are:

"Your music has incredible energy in it self and I felt that in a very positive way. There is a positive mood in me now, it is very soft and calm. "

"I am thoroughly enjoying your cd....and sometimes get a tad emotional....sung with such devotion."

"My mother told me when she heard that cd she could not explain why tears were coming to her eyes."

"Swagatam Krishna, your song and your other songs are all very beautiful to increase love of Krishna and peace of mind body and soul."

It touches me most when these comments come from people who are not yet into our philosophy but are eager to make a change in their lives. I can only pray that they continue to listen and read Prabhupada's books and take shelter at His lotus feet.

Please visit my website at for more interesting news of my activities and you must read the inspiring articles on SRILA PRABHUPADA AND KIRTAN.

Thank you,
Your servant
Sacidevi dasi