Govinda's Restaurant Listing
by Jada Bharata das
Posted April 23, 2003

I had a nice conversation with Hariyasva Prabhu who manages Govinda's Restaurant in Philadelphia. He delightfully told me that several people had told him that they had come to Govinda's because they had read my review of his restaurant on my vegetarian restaurants web site (

He told me that three people had come to the place from New York. They told him that they had read on the site that his place is one of the best places in Philadelphia and they would really enjoy the place. They also told him that despite the fact that the neighborhood is a little run-down at night that despite this it is so good that it definitely was the place to go to in Philly.

Now I plan to add all the vegetarian restaurants around the world and I am requesting that devotees that have vegetarian restaurants around the world to write me and give details about any restaurants that they may be running. On the site I list the cuisine, menu, comments, reviews, general information and direction to the place. General information includes what kind of service (table, counter, buffet, take-out), credit cards accepted (or only cash accepted), how many seats, and if there is outdoor seating.

Much of the information for the USA comes from the book that I compiled called USA Vegetarian Restaurants and Natural Food Stores published by Torchlight. One review I got of the book by Ingrid E. Newkirk, President, PETA: "What a handy guide! I found a restaurant listed in my own neck of the woods that I hadn't known existed. Never feel stranded again!" I will also add your listing to my book when I reprint it.

Also Hariyasva told me that the book really sold good at his restaurant. He sold four books in the first 10 days that he carried it. It should be noted that I give especially good reviews for Govinda's restaurant because I believe that the fact the food sold is prasada that there is obviously great benefit for the persons eating there.

In the near future I will be adding information on products that contain meat though appear not to. Because red aniline dyes 2 and 40 are both believed to be carcinogenic, cochineal is now often being using as a red or pinks food dye. Carmine is made from the cochineal beetle, an insect that is crushed to make this red dye. It is used to give color to frozen candies, fruit bars, yogurt bright red maraschino cherries, jams, pills, ice creams, lipstick, fruit fillings and juice drinks. I would be extremely careful and any strawberry products that is colored by natural colorings.

Some products that get their red color from cochineal (carmines) are: Dannon Strawberry Yogurts, Ocean Spray Pink-Grapefruit Juice Drink, Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Strawberry and Tropicana Season's Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. Also Yoplait uses a meat-based gelatin. If you have any information on this subject please send it to me and I will add it to my site and get the word out.

I also have on the web site about 10 pages by Srila Prabhupada discussing the importance of eating prasada and cow protection, which around 500 people are reading a month. Around 30,000 people are reading the site a month and the site has only been on the Internet about 5 months. Also, now that I am adding international restaurants, the amount of readers should double by the end of the year. So please send information to me so I can add it to If your restaurant is already listed, please feel free to send me any additions that you think should be added.

Also if you have any articles about Food for Life, vegetarianism or prasada distribution please send it to me and I can add it to my site. My email address is or If you would like to purchase the book retail or wholesale, please email me. The site address is