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GOVINDA'S of Vrindavan : A Restaurant with a Philosophy

by Subodh Dalal

Posted April 21, 2004

Are you looking for fresh pure vegetarian food with a difference? Looking for higher taste in tranquil surroundings? Looking for an ambience with a spiritual touch?

GOVINDA'S multicuisine restaurant ,located inside the ISKCON temple complex,Raman Reti ,Vrindavan,Distt.Mathura - is the place.

GOVINDA'S is the only pure vegetarian serving prasadam or satvik pure vegetarian food without onion or garlic.The cooked food is first offered to the supreme lord with devotion and then served as Prasadam.The food becomes "karma-free food"as the food helps in creating an awareness of the presence of Sri Krishna.The guests are welcomed with folded hands and ladies are addressed as "mataji",men folk as "prabhuji" as a mark of servitude and respect.The restaurant is unique for its ambience and style.The ambience in Govinda's is very aesthetic.A visitor to the restaurant is mesmerised by soul lifting bhajans and the fragrance of incense.The cooks chant "Hare Krishna" while cooking the meals,the waiters sport vaishnav tilak on their foreheads and do not indulge in any kind of intoxication.Any caffeine oriented drinks are not served .The sublime Krishna bhajans echoing in the background with the beautiful paintings portraying Krishna leela creates an amazing spiritual ambience engulfing one and all.

The new look menu is indeed multi cuisine suited for every palate ranging from Italian, Chinese and Continental to Indian including both north and south indian delicacies.Everything from Italian pizza and veg manchurian to Mexican bean salad, puri bhaji, malai paneer and spinach masala dosa is also available.In addition are also many types of soups and beverages and also the world famous herbal tea.

There are about 80 restaurants on the same principle spread inside and outside ISKCON temple all over the world.Srila Prabhupada,the founder Acharya of ISKCON suggested opening of such restaurants by the followers as early as 1965 and desired people to be not only vegetarian but encouraged taking Prasadam which is automatically vegetarian.Govinda's is known for organising very popular and special food festivals worldwide and for the first time in India, dishes from various regions in the tradition of "Chappan Bhog" buffet style food festival was celebrated during Feb./Mar.2003. The food comprised of 56 delectable dishes and promises a treat for the connoisseurs of good vegetarian food.The festival was well attended by one and all including people in high offices and celebrities.This is now a regular feature of our activities owing to its growing popularity.

Historically speaking the tradition of "Chappan Bhog" started 5,017 years ago when a 56 dish offering was made to Lord Krishna for the first time by the Brijwasis(residents of Mathura/Vrindavan and peripheral areas).This was done to show their gratitude for the shelter and protection the Lord provided by lifting mount Govardhan to save them from incessant rains and floods,since then such elaborate offering is called "Chappan Bhog".

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Govinda's restaurant
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Raman Reti, Vrindavan
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