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Utah DVDs available for PR, fund raising

by Caru das and Vaibhavi dasi

Posted April 15, 2004

[Lord Siva sits in contemplation by the peaceful pool adjacent to the Spanish Fork temple in Utah.]

In Utah, USA, we've created three DVDs of interest to the devotees. These can be helpful in festival organization, general or specific fund raising, producing dramas, media relations, promoting tours to your temple through teachers, all-round inspiration and helping to create good public relations. Some of this footage favorably influenced the city council and mayor of one American city to give a building permit for a new temple after a hard-fought battle.
  1. TV coverage of the Utah temple construction project from 1995 until the present. Ten clips each three to seven minutes, documenting the evolution of the Spanish Fork Temple. Includes the nationally aired segment on Religion and Ethics News weekly, and coverage on four TV channels of the grand opening celebrations in 2001. Here Sridhar Maharaja dances in ecstasy, Anuttama das gives press interviews and Badrinarayan das helps to install the Deities. There is also bonus footage of the Festival of India in 2003, attended by 5,000. This includes segments from the pageant of the Ramayana and the spectacular burning of Ravana with fireworks. 58 minutes
  2. Tour of the temple conducted by Caru das. Twenty students from a local High School arrive for a field trip in their Mythology course. Caru takes them through every aspect of the temple construction, and the major points of the philosophy while touring the temple. Simple, cultural, educational, and humorous. Tour finishes off with a magnificent lunch, and free time to explore the 15 acres of llamas, lake, waterfall, parrots & peacocks. 45 minutes
  3. Three pieces. a) Recent Ram Navami celebrations which featured two brand new world premiere dramas with multimedia effects and sound track. b) Movie showing the beauty of the Utah temple and surroundings from all angles and in various lighting, with transcendental sound track. c) Slide show movie chronicling the evolution of the temple and its community interaction until the present day (features stills from the many annual festivals and ten full color festival posters). 45 minutes

Each DVD comes in a jewel case with a full color attractive label. They are available for $6.00 each plus $3.00 shipping and handling. The whole set will cost $20 inclusive of postage and handling. Add $2.00 for international post. We can accept Pay Pal, Credit Cards over the phone (801) 798-3559, or cheques to the Krishna Temple, 8628 S. State Rd., Spanish Fork, Utah 84660.

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