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New Home for Calf?

by Lakshmi dd

Posted April 12, 2008

We have a new heifer calf named Cintamani. I'd like to sell her to a responsible devotee, or better yet a group of devotees. Accepting a cow is like adopting a child for the next 25 years. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to care for them, regardless of your situation. She will be ready to leave for a new home this summer. Daily she goes for a walk and knows how to be tied and lead etc.

Her mother was a Milking Shorthorn and her father was a Jersey. From her pic you can see she is very beautiful with white legs in red body, with a tail that looks like it was dipped in milk. I already care for 5 other cows, (Usha 22years, Vrinda 19yrs, Chandra 7yrs, Rohini 3yrs, Kamadhenu 3 yrs), so if possible I would like this pretty girl to get a good home. This is one of my last calves because I'm getting older and it is just to hard for me to lift heavy things like hay and gallons of milk, etc.

Also, I had a few comments regarding the recent posts about milk. Srila Prabhupada wanted the devotees to support the farm communities and the cows in them. The ideal thing is to buy milk from devotees who are maintaining cows, but, if you can't do that you can buy milk from a store. If you live near Nor Cal, I have cow milk.Nothing is better than fresh, good raw milk.

Remember, we are supposed to offering everything to Krishna first, and then taking the Prasad afterwords. So the cow that provided that milk, regardless of where it came from , will benefit through her service to Krishna. Krishna isn't Vegan.

While Srila Prabhupada was living the devotees bought and used milk from the store.The answer isn't to stop drinking milk. Obviously if you can buy milk from someplace that takes good care of their animals , all the better. But best is to buy milk from the devotees and if you can't do that you can still offer your store bought milk to Krishna, and then take it.

If you are able please do some good karma and donate a few dollars each month to someone who is taking care of cows, ISCOWP, Care for Cows, etc

To support my cows I do Vedic Astrology readings, teach Vedic Astrology, and sell books and Mp3s of Astrology classes, you can visit my web site at . Anything you buy helps support my cows and farm. Please write to me if you are interested in giving her a lifetime home.