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Restaurant for Sale

by Lilananda das

Posted April 9, 2008

State of the Art Restaurant for Sale in Nova Gokula, Brazil. Magnificently constructed with red brick walls and high quality timber structure. It is located in Nova Gokula, the Hare Krsna eco-farm in a valley of the Mantiqueira Mountain Range, district of Pindamonhangaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The farm and surrounding area are situated within an government environment protected area and tourist spot.

Built only three years ago the building has excellent finishing and surplus space. There is a large saloon of 100m2 which has been paved with top quality Lebri floor tiles. The red brick walls feature extra large glass windows. Additionally there is an external deck and an internal mezzanine. The total serving capability thus totalizes 130 seats.

Rustic yet elegant in its architectural design the restaurant also counts with two bathrooms, both finely finished with Portobello tiles and Deca toilets, sinks and faucet sets. There is also a large storeroom; a totally equipped and spacey kitchen tiled up to ceiling with Gyotoku tiles. In the kitchen you will find granite working counters under which there are large cabinets with aluminum doors. Outside there is a 1,500 liter stainless steel water tank erected on top of a wooden tower. The building stands on a 3.500m2 real state comprising a small forest with an integrated garden of ornamental plants and a beautiful lake.

Along with the restaurant we are also putting on sale a house nearby (75 m walk from the restaurant). This house has one large bedroom with private bathroom, plus a second bedroom and a second bathroom for general use. There is a studio, a large living room and two kitchens. Both bathrooms have 10mm green glass shower boxes and gas heated showers. There's a porch all around the house, a roofed laundry, a garage, and a large grass lawn with fruit trees and a beautiful Ficus Bengalenses (the sacred Bengali fig tree).

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